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Art Mirrors
Using Original Trading Cards

Glass over Art on one side, mirror on the Other side
These we make so the card can slide in or out.

Lady Death & Olivia & Boris Vallejo Trading Cards
From my own personal collection I obtained in the early 90's while I was attending and showing my Art work at Comic Book Conventions.
These are collectors items and Hard to Find!

Trading Card Art Mirror Frame: 21/2 X 31/2 inches  $35.00 each, which includes the price of the Collectors Item- Trading Card. This Frame holds the original Card and made so that you can withdraw the card to view back info.

Info on Mirrors

These Beautiful Handcrafted Art Mirrors are made using the Stained Glass method: Art is sandwiched between Glass and a Mirror, the edges are then sealed and wrapped with copper foil. We then soldered the edges in a decorative way with a ring on top so that you may hang them on the wall. You can hang the Art on the wall, or flip it to expose the decorative mirror. These are made so that you can slip the Card in and out of the frame, so you may view the info on the back.

ART on one side and a MIRROR on the other side.
 The Glass & Mirror frame acts as a protector for the Trading Card.
Empty mirrors available to put your own Trading card inside: $20.00

Sample of Trading Cards Available for Art Mirrors

by Boris Vallejo

We have over 20 Boris Vellejo Cards, so if you are interested E-mail us and we will send you an email of the ones we have available...Tell us what your theme is, Sci-fi, Sexy lady, dragons...Etc. We only have one of each...

Art Mirror Frame Holding Trading Card: 21/2 X 31/2 inches  $35.00 each which includes the selling price of the 'Collectors Item' Trading Card....Holding the original Card, made so you can withdraw the card to view back info.

Lady Death
'Chromium' Trading Cards

Note: Since these cards are Chromium, with reflective mirror like surfaces which does not scan well, you can literally see your own reflection in the shiny foil....Collectors will know how valuable they are and how rare it is to find. These cards have a Copyright on the back marked 1994, which is when we bought them. They are in excellent shape and have been sealed and put away for 14 years.
Art Mirror Frame with Lady Death:
1/2 X 31/2 inches  $35.00 each ....Holding the original Card, made so you can withdraw the card to view the back info.

We have over 50 Chromium Lady Death Cards and a couple of the clear plastic ones that are even more rare. These cards are in excellent shape and have been sealed away for 14 years. E-mail us if you have a theme or style that you like and we will e-mail you copies of those...with swords, with skulls, crosses...bathing suit pin-up. There are also several that take 3 to make a picture...

Click here if you like Adult Black & White Photography Art Mirrors.

We can make an ART MIRROR empty so you can slide your own Trading Card inside.
Perfect for the collectors $20.00

A Reminder: we can put your photos inside!!!

2X3= $15.00, 3X4= $21.00, 4X6=$30.00
3inch rounds=$18.00, etc

We can leave the edges silver or put a patina on it to turn it the copper/ greenish affect. There is also a black effect that looks good with black and white art and photos.

We have a whole line of MORE ADULT STYLE mirrors... just e-mail us for a private look.

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