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Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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Visit us at: The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts August 1rst, 2020, 8 wknds
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More Original Art Work
by Cynthia Ann McDonald

All images copyrighted and protected.

Do not use any of these images for resale, or mass production, in any way without written permission by Artist.

This Rendition of The Green man
 is a print that I am
Hand Coloring.
This Drawing is also a Rubber Stamp.

'Lisa Lisa' is a drawing I did in the early 90's when I was attending, and displaying my Art and Jewelry at Comic Conventions. Hanging out with other Artists who were illustrating and coming up with Comic Book ideas inspired me and I came up with an Idea of Half Human, and Half Cat Aliens: 'STAR CATS'. The activity in their story line evolved around a night Club and this was the night club singer 'Lisa Lisa'.

And then there is the STAR CATS Bouncer at the night Club, of course his name is 'Butch'.

And lets not forget the waitress...'Tina'.




This would be a great time for my STAN LEE story. When you do a convention there are many hours before, and after, that all the Artists hang out together. Some times you just walk by someone who you don't know but you have seen them near your table all weekend. So on the third day of a 3 day weekend, I walk by a table before opening and said Hi to an Older man who had some comic books spread out. I said, "What cha' got here?" ..."Oh Just a new Comic Book idea I'm workin' on." he said. "Oh", I said. He added after some chit chat, "Do you want one?". I said, "well, ok....I can give you some of my Art work, or maybe some Jewelry in trade..." and he said "No that's ok, just take one...and he winked at me. I smiled really big, we did some fun chit chat about the weather and the weekend. Then I walked away. As I was walking back to my table I noticed a bunch of the young up and coming Comic Book Artists were all huddled on top of each other watching me. I said, looking funny at what's wrong with you guys..."WHAT?" And they all nervously, and eagerly said, "You were talking to him!!!!...uhhhh...what did he say???"...."He gave me a comic book...", I responded. They in return said, "Don't You Know who that was???? THAT WAS STAN LEE!!!!! The Dude who does SPIDER MAN. This was in 1994. And he had given me his first Original Venom Comic Book. He signed it and drew a funny little picture on the cover. My son is so proud of that nicely package and put away in a plastic cover.

During our Fantasy and Comic Con Days one of the MC's popular in the DFW area was a man whose character was called Muhr, a part Human and Cat like creature. This drawing won 2nd place at a 'Beauty and the Beast Convention' one summer in Vegas.

We did allot of Star Trek convention when The Next Generation was Really Popular. We sold enormous amounts of the EarCuff-Earring sets made more popular by those Bajorans, and I was inspired to do Some Star Trek Art Work.







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