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More Original Art Work
by Cynthia Ann McDonald

All images copyrighted and protected.

Do not use any of these images for resale, or mass production, in any way without written permission by Artist.

Numerology Deck

Work in Progress
copyrighted by Cynthia Ann McDonald

After starting my Jewelry Business in 1988 I did not draw for a long time, and then I began again in 1994. One of the things I started was a Numerology Deck which will be 9 Symbols of 9 cards each, with Original Celtic Knot work wrapped around the Images. It began with a little frame, maybe a 2x3. I drew some knot work around an Acorn... but it ended up too big for the frame. I began to redraw for the tiny little frame I had and thought, 'well, this time I should try 2 Acorns', it still ended up too big for the frame after I inked it, so I began again. 'Oh well...' I thought, 'I  might as well go for three, that is such a magical number...' and then I realized I was drawing a Divinatory Deck of Cards using Numbers and Symbols as the guides to assist with messages: A Numerology Deck. So far I have 9 cards finished. The symbols I am sure about are the Acorns, Shells, Crystals and Feathers. I am also involved in Hand Coloring them, and I will try coloring them on Photo Shop using an Air Brush Tool.  I have some of these on Rubber Stamps too. There is a time coming, I can feel it, when I will be able to spend more time drawing. I look forward to the evolvement of this Deck. If you are excited about this concept too, send me an E-mail and just gives me a thumbs up for the future possibility...surely this will help inspire me to work on it more.




Here is a sample of the Description of the cards and how the Deck will work.

You can ask someone what Feather, or Acorn, or Crystal means to them, then ad a few more ideas, then look at how the numbers work with that image.


Acorns: A promise of things to come; New beginnings, growth, strength, a seed, Earth...etc
Crystal: Energy, Psychic abilities, purity, Fire....etc
Feather: Creativity, freedom, writing, adventure, traveling, Air...etc
Shell: Emotions, intuition, a journey, water...etc

One: New Beginnings...Independence
Two: Partnership... working with another
Three: Self expression, Fun...
Four: Work...
Five: Travel, Adventure, Change...
Six: Family, Home life...
Seven: Spirituality...
Eight: Justice, Balance, The Cosmic Judge, Karma...
Nine: The end, the all...


One of Acorns: Completely a new opportunity for New beginnings that will be strong and full of wondrous growth.

Two of Acorns: Represents the Growth opportunity for two people to sprout and blossom together in Love or in business or in friendship.

Three of Acorns: New opportunities in fun and pleasure, a chance to grow in the area of expressing yourself.

Six of Acorns: New Growth an opportunities in Areas of the family and home...maybe children on the way or a new house.


We also have Greeting Cards in Black and White
8 for $10.00

Mixed set 16 for $20.00


Color Greeting Cards
10 for $20.00

All signed by Artist
Cynthia Ann McDonald




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