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Cynthia Ann McDonald
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Visit us at: The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts August 1rst, 2020, 8 wknds
The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 6th 2021, 9 wknds
El Paso Comicon: October 2-4 2020, 3 days
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Original Art Work

by Cynthia Ann McDonald

All images copyrighted and protected.

Do not use any of these images for resale, or mass production, in any way without expressed written permission by Artist.


Here you will find some of my most favorite, and best Art work since 1994. I have been drawing all my life, coveting my crayons since I was age 4, and became skilled at drawing things at age 10, which is when I also perfected oils. I prefer a fast drawing Acrylic now, and I really Love the flow of Water Color. However I think in Drawing my best talent is in Pen & Ink... perfecting those black lines on a white back ground.


As early as I could work, using my drawing skills, I worked as a Graphic Artist. It was later that I learned how to draw on a MacIntosh computer, in the early 80's while in College. I still prefer starting out with paper, a pencil and a kneaded eraser, then taking it to ink with my rapidiograph ink pen. These days I Love taking Tattoo Art to the computer. After I draw one side to perfection, I take it to Photoshop, copy, paste and flip. I am also learning to color on the computer which is very exciting for me.






Tattoo Art Ideas

My Intention in this section of the Web site is to share  my Art, as a photo Album. However if you would like a signed print of the original Drawing in its original size,  I would be honored to sell one to you.

Original Art Prints signed By Cynthia $10.00-$20.00
Contact Cynthia for details, sizes and prices

Many people say I should do a small book of all my Art in a Color book fashion... how do you feel about that? Write to me and let me know if you think that is a good idea. I always enjoy feedback and it helps me to make future plans with my Art work...What am I supposed to do with all this?

Limited Supplies
2X3 inches $25.00

In 1995-ish a rubber stamp company at the Az. Ren. Fest. took some of my designs to the Rubber Stamp format, and the trade we made was to give me a few of each design. I have kept them in a box, as a special treasure and am ready to share them with any one who likes my Art, and likes having Rubber Stamps. There are just a few stamps, in a few designs. I have signed them and will be putting them on the web site for sale to those who collect my Art. Contact me and I will send you a copy of all I have available.  They are limited and I doubt if I will ever have Rubber stamps made again... unless there is a demand for Rubber Stamps...

If you like Rubber Stamps, and are interested in my Art Work, drop me an E-mail to let me know.



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