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Henna at the Las Cruces, Nm DAAC Renaissance Festival at Young Park Nov 4&5, 2017
Albuquerque Comicon, NM, Albuquerque Convention Center, Jan 12-14, 2018: Henna & Wire Elf Ears
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Henna Kits

In this Kit you get enough Henna for four bottles of Happy Henna Painting, which equals hours of Painting.
The Kit includes fresh Henna powder from India, Eucalyptus Oil, a fine point applicator bottle, and instructions.
Price $25.00, which includes Priority Shipping.
See Below for mixing Tips

Starlit Skies Henna Garden

Henna Kit

Priority Shipping Included in this price. It's important to keep the Henna powder out of the Hot Sun and Heat. It is a Vegetable product, and will go bad, so we include Priority shipping in the price.

Henna Kit Directions

After mixing you can freeze your henna in the mixing bag, or bottle, and re-use, re-freeze, about 3 times before it starts to loose
it's staining Power. Freshly Mixed Henna lasts about 3 days. Leave Paste on Skin 4-6 hours, 8-12 is GREAT!!!
And Remember it takes 48 hours for Stain to get dark after removing the Henna Paste.

Note: We now include 4 Tablespoons of Henna per kit.... the directions below are for 2 Tblspns. You can mix
it all at once or mix half a batch each time. I mix it all at once and then freeze the extra. Henna after mixing is
good for 3-4 days, then the mixed Henna Paste begins to loose its staining power. We use our left over Henna
to paint on wood. Paint, then Varnish on top of Pastre 2-3 times for a long lasting keep sake.

Call us if you have any questions!

MIXING HENNA Remember: it takes two Days to Mix Henna!

Here is a series of photos to show how to mix your henna in a bag. Here we put Two Tablespoons of Henna Powder in a snack Bag, added 3 Tablespoons of lemon juice, to make it creamy. You can always add more later if its too thick. For now just wet the Henna Powder at let it sit. Squeeze out the lumps. It should be a little more wet than toothpaste or icing on a cake.... but not too much.  Squeeze bag, pinch out any lumps, then roll with a round object like a pencil or chop stick to get it all in one spot, and mix again with your fingers. Let the Henna now sit in a cool dry dark place, for 24 hours, or over night. 6-8 hours minimum.

Next step: After Henna sits overnight - add Oil to your to your Henna paste... mix thoroughly and let sit again, overnight (minimum 6-8 hours).
The Henna will lump in a ball with all that Oil, so mix well. Too much oil will sit on the top of the henna, after you mix thoroughly... pour it out if you have too much.

Next Step: Mix again and then roll all the henna into a corner and then snip a tiny bit off in the corner of your bag with scissors.
Squeeze into the bottle. A trick is to squeeze the bottle and slowly release: the suction pulls the henna from the bag into the bottle. Tap the bottle on the counter top, and then squeeze into bottle. Keep tapping the bottle hard, to a get all the air bubbles out of the bottle, so it doesn't burp on you while you are painting.

Roll with a round pencil to push henna to one side of the bag.

Squeeze bottle and let it suck the henna into the bottle. It's a tricky art.

And tap bottle on your knee, or counter to get all the henna down into the bottle, and to tap out any air bubbles.

Notice: While squeezing the bag, Squeeze the bottle, and slowly release, which sucks the henna down into the bottle. Be sure to tap hard on the table top to get the air bubble out of the bottle.

When I get a little Henna in my bottle I check to see if it is too thick. If it is I add a little more lemon or water, or filtered coffee or tea to the henna bag. Tape the corner, add a tiny bit of liquid, then cut the corner again. Strain everything through a cloth or it could clog your bottle tip. Use a needle or wire to unclog, and use it as a top...when not painting.

Keep in mind if you are in a HOT environment the henna will be more liquid, and the lines could spread out. If you are in a cool environment the Henna will come out more thick.

Note: After Mixing Henna it is good for about 3 Days before it loses its staining power.
You can mix it and then Freeze it.
Pull it out of the freezer, Paint, and refreeze the Henna about 3 times before it loses its staining power.
It's all a Great Mystery so experiment! And let us Know how you are doing!

If You have any Questions contact Cynthia: (575) 545-2070
She's Happy to answer any questions about Henna!