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 More about Katherine Crawford
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Katherine has lived a colorful and rich life. She has lived by the cornfields in Illinois where she was born and raised, and has just recently returned  to be closer to her Father in between Art shows. She has lived in the mountains of New York State, in a lovely place worth visiting called New Paltz, And most recently many enchanting years by the Sea on Cape Cod. She has been an Art Gallery Director, Stained Glass Artist, Espresso Barista, Sky Chair Tribeswoman, Administrator for a Non-Profit Organization, and many other things on her journey. Always an Artist, creator, and often Manager, she has been leaning towards owning her own business where she can use her Skills in the most productive and beneficial way, to enrich her spirit and enhance her life.   Luckily, for us all, Katherine was introduced to the art of Jewelry Making by her mentor, Cynthia McDonald almost 15 years ago, and Jewelry design has continued to excite and inspire her ever since.  What magnifies her Beauty is that Ms. Crawford finds creative and spiritual inspiration in the natural world, the play of light and shadow from the sun, the movement of a tree in the wind, the vibrancy of color in a flower’s petal. It is her wish to bring the harmony she feels in nature to her jewelry, and hopes this, in turn, is brought to those who wear her creations.  Katherine welcomes special Custom orders, so if you have any ideas please feel free to contact her. She also has created many sets for Brides and their Attendants.  We here at Starlit Skies look forward to working with Katherine and supporting her growth by promoting her new designs here on our Website, and within our business at the Renaissance Festivals.

Update: She has fallen in Love and is back in Massachusettes. Yea!!!!  Please feel free to Contact Katherine at: