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Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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Visit us at: The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 9th 2019, 8 wknds
The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts June 15th 2019, 8 wknds

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NEW: Hand Painted 'T' Shirts, Bags and Ornaments by Cynthia

I wanted to give a special Thanks to these lovely Little Ladies known as the 'Triplets' (Two are Twins, and the other is a cousin born minutes apart on the same day, in the same Hospital) Molly, Lydia, Gracie. We had a blast in Waco making friends (American Stock Horse Association, SHOT) as I painted their Horses on T Shirts. They are incredible at showing their Horses and wrangling horses. What a Team, and real Sweet Hearts!

NEW: Painted 'T' Shirts, Little Bags, and Christmas Ornaments
We did an Arabian Horse Show and a friend said after seeing that I painted, "You need to paint on 'T' Shirts!!!!
So I went home and asked my son for a 'T' Shirt, grabbed one of mine and the following day at the show I began painting on T Shirts. It was a big success! I would take the Digital camera
back to the Horse Stalls, take a photo and then go back to my vending space and paint a picture for the owner. It was so much FUN!!!!

More to come

in the Future!!!!

Hand Painted Bags
These bags are new to us and we are having so much fun making them! They are small 4-5 inches wide, 6 to 8 inches long. We designed them for children however we are finding that
the ladies like them too. They are big enough for your cell phone, keys, and credit cards or small wallet. The strap is adjustable. I can paint your horse on a bag for $35.00. You can
choose one of these styles for $25.00. I love the ones with the pocket sewn right on the bag! This gives you some extra places to slide things into. If you have an idea let us know!!!!

Christmas Ornaments
Handcrafted $18.00
Back side says "Merry Christmas"