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Hand Painted Silk Table Lamp
'Dragonfly with Flowers'       $64.00  41/2 X 7 inches... More coming this Fall...

This Amazing Table Lamp is an Original one of a kind Hand Painted Silk with Flowers and Dragonflys, on a hand made frame. The Spirals in each corner of the frame is a signature mark, placed by the creator to state that Cynthia made the frame, as well as painted the Silk. This is the second Frame, and Second Lamp ever Designed and crafted By Cynthia. It is 4 1/2 X 7 inches, and the frame is Copper and Brass.
We are very excited about this idea, and we have more frames on the work tables being put together, and silks being painted for the lamps on a regular basis, even an $18.00 Wall Night Light.
If  you have any ideas for a lamp, we love Custom orders so CONTACT US!!!!! we are happy to please. We love creating, and bringing Joy to others with our ART.

Night Time: this is the Lamp Lit up at night... it's quite different than the Day time Colors, see below.                            
           Lamp 4 1/2 X 7 inches  $64.00    Shipping 12.00 Priority  

Day Time:
It's Amazing how the Night Brings on a Differnt color in the Silk. Below is Day, above photos are at night with the light shining through.

 Lamp 4 1/2 X 7 inches $64.00                Shipping $12.00            One of A Kind Original Hand made by Cynthia Ann McDonald

If this Lamp sells before you get a chance to purchase it, we can make another similar one. It will vary, but we can come close, or custom make one with your ideas, just let us know.

Below are ideas and Lamps in the Making. We are specifcally Excited about the night Lights!!!!

The First Three Frames I ever Made.

Spirals Filled my Mind So I made a bunch....

And then Added the Spirals to a frame...

And then I Painted silk just for the frame, Sewed it on and Made a Lamp where the Spirals are Shadowed onto the Silks. It's So Amazing!!!

This One Turned out So Amazing. The Frame alone took 6 Hours to make.

When this is lit at Night it projects a lit Square on the ceiling, so I am going to make a spiral top, as part of the frame, so it will project Spirals on the ceiling.

Coming Soon A Monarch Butterfly Night Light.

On the work Table are Night Light Frames we are making. We are very excited about this and they will be listed at $18.00.




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wall Night Lights