Starlit Skies
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Handcrafted Originals by Cynthia Ann McDonald

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This page has been designed to give a quick and easy view of Samples of our Art work and Designs, for Art Festivals and Shows.
Thank you for consodering us.

 Sun Catchers and Art Work that Sparkle
At the Western Shows and events I would like to be able to display my Western Wall Hangings, Sun Catchers, Tea light Candle Folding Screens, Key chains, and other items that drip and sparkle using Natural stones precious metals, and Swarovski Austrian Crystal... and Jewelry if and when possible, however not necessary.

Here are great examples of Sun Catchers that have Art transferred to Glass which allows you to see through the piece. A stained glass method is used to seal the edges, and used to add wire so that semi precious stones, and crystals can be added in a dripping fashion. The end result is an Amazing piece.
These pieces are all small, under 6 inches, using Semi Precious stones, glass beads, Swarovski Crystal, Brass, Copper and Sterling Silver.


All items are Handcrafted with Sterling Silver, Natural Stones, Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystal.

This piece has been constructed using the Stained Glass method, and folds to wrap around a candle.

Some items are handcrafted using Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass.

We only show our Jewelry at SOME festivals...
Here are some great samples for when we do.

As an Artist I studied Fine Art and graduated from UTA with a BFA , focusing on Design as well as Jewelry and Silver Smithing. Jewelry and Sun Catchers have been the main focus of Starlit Skies for 20 years, however Jewelry does not have to be apart of my Vending space in order to exhibit at a show. Here is a wonderful sample in case Jewelry can also be a consideration.

As a Professional Artist and Jewelry designer I bring a Fine Arts degree, and 23 years of Successful Vending experience to the Table. This skill has enabled me to branch out to incorporate and mix this jewelry style with other things such as Sun Catchers, and items using the Stained Glass method. As a life long Graphic Artist I am now transferring my drawings, paintings, and photos to glass and dripping them with Jewels & Crystals to hang and sparkle.  These are the things we can offer as well as a positive attitude, a team spirit, and a friendliness that is eager to serve our customers.


Cynthia Ann McDonald
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Cell (602) 677-5598