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Henna Body Art

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We use All Natural Henna Powder fresh from India, adding only Lemon and Eucalyptus to our mix, which leaves a stain that lasts 2-3 weeks.


Henna Stain Last 2-3 weeks.

Henna at Dona Anna Renaissance Festival.

Applying Henna Paste With an Applicator Bottle.

Henna Color

This is a great example of the what the design color looks like after you remove the Henna paste. It takes 2 days to get nice and dark, and if cared for can last 2-3 weeks..

Oiling the stain with all natural Olive Oil helps to preserve the design and allows the stain to last longer.



Vendor Focus

As a Professional Artist I bring a Fine Arts degree, and 23 years of Successful experience as an Artist, and Vendor, to the Table. I have been drawing with Henna for 11 years now, excited about taking my drawings to the skin for a temporary Henna Tattoo/Body Art design.  At Starlit Skies our goal is to offer our customers an enjoyable experience, as well as a good product. Our commitment is to have a positive attitude, a team spirit, and a friendliness that is eager to serve our customers, for the success of the show, and for our future success..


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