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Art Mirror
Glass over Art on one side, mirror on the Other side

From our collection of Calendars, Note books, Cards, and collected Photos & Books.



These Pin-Up Pic's are pulled from a daily Calendar
Size: 3X4  $25.00
Art is FREE we just charge for the 'Art Mirror' Framing process.

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Keep an eye on this page as we make and ad more mirrors regularly.

Pin-Up Girl
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A pin-up girl or pin-up model is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as pop culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display. Pin-up girls are often glamour models, fashion models, and actresses.

"Pin-up" may also refer to drawings, paintings and other illustrations done in emulation of these photos. The term was first attested to in English in 1941; however the practice is documented back at least to the 1890s. The “pin up” images could be cut out of magazines or newspapers, or be from postcard or chromo-lithographs and so on. Such photos often appear on calendars, which are meant to be pinned up anyway. Later, posters of “pin-up girls” were mass-produced.

Many “pin ups” were photographs of celebrities who were considered sex symbols. One of the most popular early pin-up girls was Betty Grable (left). Her poster was ubiquitous in the lockers of G.I.'s during World War II. Others pin-ups were artwork, often depicting idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like. An early example of the latter type was the Gibson Girl (stamp), drawn by Charles Dana Gibson. The genre also gave rise to several well-known artists specializing in the field, including Alberto Vargas (CANDY-O cover: right) and George Petty, and numerous lesser artists such as Art Frahm.

The term “cheesecake” is synonymous with “pin-up photo”. The earliest documented print usage of this sense of “cheesecake” is in 1934, predating “pin-up”, although anecdotes say the phrase was in spoken slang some 20 years earlier, originally in the phrase (said of a pretty woman) “better than cheesecake”.

Info on Mirrors

These Beautiful Handcrafted Art Mirrors are made using the Stained Glass method: Art is sandwiched between Glass and a Mirror, the edges are then sealed and wrapped with copper foil. We then soldered the edges in a decorative way with a ring on top so that you may hang them on the wall. You can hang the Art on the wall, or flip it to expose the decorative mirror.

ART on one side and a MIRROR on the other side.

Also Available

Lady Death & Olivia & Boris Vallejo Trading Cards
From my own personal collection I obtained in the early 90's while I was attending and showing my Art work at Comic Book Conventions. These are collectors items and Hard to Find!

Art Mirror Frame: 21/2 X 31/2 inches  $35.00 each ....Holding the original Card, made so you can withdraw the card to view back info.

These Art mirrors are made so that you can actually pull the Trading Card out and view the back that has detailed info on the Art piece by the Artist.

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