Starlit Skies
Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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We are Home filling orders for the Holidays
AZ Renaissance Festival starts Feb 9th 2019
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Art Mirrors
Glass over Art on one side, mirror on the Other side

These Beautiful Handcrafted Art Mirrors are made using the Stained Glass method: A piece  of Art, or a Photograph, is sandwiched between Glass and a Mirror, the edges are then sealed and wrapped with copper foil. We then soldered the edges in a decorative way with a ring on top so that you may hang them on the wall. You can hang the Art, or the photo on the wall, or flip it to expose the decorative mirror. We can do different shapes, and even hang crystals or stones off the bottom, mount charms...what ever you want...your photo, your art... what ever you desire. Just let us know. We'll make it to suit you.

ART on one side
 and a MIRROR
 on the other side.


A Reminder: we can put your photos inside!!!

2X3= $15.00, 3X4= $25.00, 4X6=$30.00
3inch rounds=$18.00, etc


Art Mirrors
Little Angels: oval size
1/2X2 inches. Price $15.00 each



Keep an eye on this section of our web site to see what we are creating, and a sample of the many possibilities.

3X2 inches

We can leave the edges silver or put a patina on it to turn it the copper/ greenish affect. There is also a black effect that looks good with black and white art and photos.



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Art Mirrors 'Pin Ups':

3X4 inches.
Price $25.00 each
Art pulled from a daily Pin Up Calendar.


3X3 Rounds $18.00




Art Mirror Categories will include:

A collection of Art that we have cut out of  books, magazines, calendars, cards, etc...that will include:

What ever you can think of...we can make for you using this Stained Glass method.
Any ideas just contact us
for what we are doing now with this stained glass concept.