Starlit Skies
Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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We are Home filling orders for the Holidays
AZ Renaissance Festival starts Feb 9th 2019
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  Handcrafted Decoupaged and Henna Painted Boxes from the past:
Henna, Western, Pin-up and Celtic
Cynthia Ann McDonald

These are New Boxes that Cynthia has been making. The first is a box painted with the HENNA MUD using the same technique we use on the skin. After it dries we then Varnish it leaving
a wonderful textured finish. Henna boxes are $30.00.
The western Style and Celtic Styles are all hand made by hand painting and using the decoupage technique. Prices are $18-23.00. Any ideas ... let us know.
Any can have Swarovski Crystals, and any box can have a felt bottom.


Here are some boxes from the past we did at the Rodeos we in TX; Boxes for Pin Up Lovers, and Boxes for our Celtic Heritage which is great for Renaissance Festivals!