Starlit Skies
Jewelry Designs, Hand Painted Silks, and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald
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Visit us at: The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts August 1rst, 2020, 8 wknds
The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 6th 2021, 9 wknds
El Paso Comicon: October 2-4 2020, 3 days
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Family Photo Album

 Here are some photos of my life, with my Son, and with all the amazing People I have been privilege to know.

Cynthia & Son
Homecoming 2004

My wonderful employees, Sheryl & Stephanie: King Richards Faire, MA...A Party 2003

Cynthia & Pam
A Brass Sculptor famous for her Dragons

Cynthia & Marianna
Our Co. Ren Fest  Garland Queen

Nathan Fall 2007

Mom and Son 2005

Cynthia & Fluffy
Congradulations to her, she now works for Cirque Du Soleil in Wardrobe!

Cyn and Bella Luna


Bastile Party , Co. 2005

Renaissance Festival, Co.

Renaissance Festival AZ 2004


Our Family 2004
Katie, Nina, Khia, Nathan , Cyn

Balloon Fun: party Co. 2006

  Cynthia in Photo Booth 1982

Cynthia 1981

Cynthia & Lelia, Co 2006

Nathan Aug 2004
before the Cut, pressured by his new school to do.

The Cut...
of the long hair he had had all his life. He was ready for a change.

Fairy Photo shoot

Cynthia & Katy Cyn & Mini MIB Member
Cruise 2000 (Nathan)
Renaissance Faire Costume

My Thai Yoga Therapy Buddy Lorenzo Darling!!!

Cyn and Andraia Fairy Photo shoot    

Bali Holiday
Buddhist Temple Java
Top of Temple Borobudur Java

Ketut Dita
My wonderful Stone Carver friend in Bali

Yoga with Doug Swensen Study with Erich Schiffmann Down Dog Train

Back Bend Bridge

Look for more soon....