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Visit us at: The Arizona Renaissance Festival: starts Feb 8th 2020, 8 wknds
The Colorado Renaissance Festival: starts June 13th 2020, 8 wknds
El Paso Comicon: April 17-19 2020, 3 days
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Cynthia (575)545-2070    El Paso: Contact Sephra Reyes (575)644-3372

Contact us for Appointments & Parties, or come see us at the Las Cruces, NM, Main st. Farmers and Crafts Market: Sat 8am -1pm in front of COAS bookstore, and Old Mesilla Plaza Sun 12-4pm.
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Henna By Sephra Reyes (575)644-3372


Our Henna is ALL NATURAL, and comes fresh from India. Henna is a Shrub, and when harvested it is cut, ground, and sifted into a fine powder. We then ad Lemon and Eucalyptus oil to the powder, which is the basic ingredients for good Henna. We then apply the Henna Paste using a fabric paint bottle that has a super fine tip. (See close up of the bottle below.)

 The idea is to create a mud that stains the skin. The basic ingredients will work, however it is fun to be creative with your own special brew by adding a dab of strong coffee, or tea....I add a little ginger water and red pepper, some Turmeric... let all that simmer for a while then strain through a fine cloth. Keep in mind, that what ever you do, nothing can clog the fine tip of the bottle you are using to draw with. We paint the mud on the skin, it dries, turns black, and that is left on the skin for 4-6 hours, or overnight for the best results. 12 hours is great! We dab the design with lemon and sugar water....2 parts lemon, 1 part water....every 1/2 hour, at least 3 times. The sugar helps to solidify the henna and make it adhere to the skin so it won't flake off, and the lemon dampens the Henna, reactivating the staining qualities to help it stain deeper into the layers of the skin. When removing the mud scrape off, and then oil with an all natural oil such as Almond, Olive oil, or Cocoa Butter. At first the stain will orange or light brown, taking up to 2 days to get really dark.

Beware of Black Staining Henna...
Black Henna has toxic dyes in the mixture and can leave scars, burns, and even give you 'Skin Poison'. Be sure to inquire about Henna if you ever get any, and make sure it is:

It's all about the layers of skin.... how long you leave the Henna Paste on decides how deep the stain goes into the layers of skin, which is what determines how long it lasts. Same with the design disappearing... that's about exfoliation. A well cared for Henna design, painted on with good, fresh Henna, will last 2-3 weeks. For extra care of the design on your skin, after the mud is off, Oil regularly before you shower, or use soapy substances. This puts a protective layer between you and the soap, and also keeps the skin soft. Losing layers of skin is how you lose the design. If you have any questions please E-mail us and we will share everything we know with you!

Las Cruces Renaissance Festival in New Mexico, 1rst weekend in November, every year.
Cynthia, the owner of Starlit Skies, has been painting Henna at this Festival in Las Cruces, put on by theDona Ana Arts Council, for almost 10 years now. We are so happy about how welcomed we feel there. People come every year with us in mind, lining up before we are even ready to open. Kim Sellon now joins us as a painter at this show. Kim and Cynthia first began painting Henna in Salem Massachusetts in 1999, at a Gallery during Halloween week. She since went on to paint Henna Professionally at several Major Renaissance Festivals in America, and still paints Henna at the Arizona and Colorado Renaissance Festival. She is also a leather worker and owns her own booth at Scarborough Faire Ren. Fest. in Texas selling her leather designs. She now lives in Silver City New Mexico and can be contacted for any New Mexico Shows, or parties at

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FOR HENNA KITS click here
We can sell you a Bottle, 2 Tablespoons of fresh Henna powder (enough for 2 bottles of Henna painting), a small bottle of Eucalyptus oil, and instructions to make successful Henna. We include directions, of the easy sort: Eucalyptus oil & Lemon juice; and creative detailed ideas of how to brew a strong concoction of liquid to ad to the powder. We include a sample of some traditional Mahendi designs from India to inspire you in your drawings. Keep in mind the Henna powder is like a vegetable product, it will go bad in the heat, which explains store bought Henna that has sat on the shelf too long. We suggest you store it in the freezer, even after you mix your Henna, when you are not using it you can freeze it, until you are ready to use it later.
Price per Kit: $25.00

More Info from Starlit Skies Coming Soon!!!

Look for more Henna Photos, Designs, Henna kits, Powder, Bottles and Oils for successful Henna Body Art in the future. We are adding to this site daily as we build for the Winter Holidays.




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Vendor Focus

As a Professional Artist and Jewelry designer I bring a Fine Arts degree, and 25 years of Successful experience to the Table. This skill has enabled me to branch out and incorporate and mix this jewelry style with other things such as Sun Catchers and items using the Stained Glass method. As a life long Graphic Artist I am now transferring my drawings, paintings, and photos to glass and dripping them with Jewels to hang and sparkle. I have also been drawing with Henna for 13 years now, and am now taking my Celtic and other Designs to the skin for a temporary Henna Tattoo/Body Art design.  These are the things we can offer as well as a positive attitude, a team spirit, and a friendliness that is eager to serve our customers.

NEW: Silk Paintings. We take the same style and paint on Silk.


Cynthia Ann McDonald
Starlit Skies Henna Garden
Cell (575) 545-2070