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Henna, Jewelry Designs and Original Art Work by
Cynthia Ann McDonald


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We are home in Las Cruces, NM, for the Fall & Winter, and excited about painting  HENNA around town.
We will be at the weekly Farmers and Craft Market (wed& Sat), as well as the Mesilla Art & Produce Market (Fri & Sun).
Check Facebook 'HENNA BY CYN', a 'LIKE' page for updates.

December 2009 Photos

Nathan with his new Electric Guitar; and  him laughing, feeling FULL OF JOY about Life! 
A view of our front Yard, with the neighbors cows across the street, out in the country.
 Sunny and in Tank Tops on Wednesday, and Thursday brought Snow and Sleet for Christmas... That's Texas for ya!!!! Back in Tank tops next week.

The Photos below is a 'work in progress' on the 2nd page of a Lyric Album, the dedication or inspiration page, which I have been excited to create for a wonderful friend of mine.
This shows the use of the GOLD FOIL Technique. First everything is laid out, inked and painted... (the words are not completely inked in these photos).
Then you paint your glue medium down perfectly in the area you want to see the Gold, then you lay the thin sheet down on top of the glue, allow it to dry then use a course brush to sweep away the unglued foil. Afterward you clean up the edges with Black Paint. The Gold Leaf ads a high quality to the finished product...Like Royalty.

We went to a Christmas Party, and below are a few pictures of the 1898 civil War Home North of Dallas, TX. 
In the area where the Stairs are, is where a second house was joined on to the old house.
There is also Cynthia, with her new Guitar, which saved the Party because of the Blown electric Box from too much PARTYIN' ... The Guitar was passed around properly.
A few photos of friends still remaining, and awake, when these pics were taken....Gary, Randy, Dred etc...